Our Goals

— Prayers

Establish the five daily prayers and Friday prayers.

— Lessons

Hold lessons for teaching the Qur’an, jurisprudence, doctrine, Arabic language for adults and children.

— Activities

Establish recreational activities, including trips and visits to other Islamic societies.

Celebrate the holidays and gather children in a country where Muslims form a small minority.

— Advice and Help

Offer advice on educational matters.

Form a link between the Muslim family and the German educational and official institutions.

— Promote Islamic Values

Promote Islamic values and connect Muslim children to their religion and their history to form a generation that is conscious and aware of its capabilities.

— Spread Love and Peace

Educate non-Muslims and introduce them to the Islamic religion

Provide assistance and advice to all spectrums of German society

Spread love, peace and build a positive image for Muslims in Diaspora and promote integration